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L.O.V.E Program

Men’s Support Services

About The Program

We know every member of the family needs support, including men. So, our Men’s Support Services provide programming designed for men aged 18 and over. Our goal is to ensure every man understands how to balance the demands of life with their personal aspirations so that they can live a healthy, happy life.

L.O.V.E Program

What makes a man? LOVE, that’s what!

The L.O.V.E. program is built with men in mind – and stands for Listening to Other’s Views and Experiences.

Through iron sharpening iron, the program helps create strong and lasting connections, knocks off rough edges, and develops character that helps at home, on the job, and in every-day life.

This program is designed to help you realize your purpose in life; and to relate better to those around you through 1:1 mentoring, group counselling, and other related programming.
John 13:34 “…As I have loved you, so you must love one another”.

Program design:
This program is intended for men aged 16 or above.

Program Schedule:
Fridays: 6 PM -7 PM
(First three Fridays of each month)

Elder Ronnie Rich
Director, Men’s Support Services