Ministries of Christ


It’s Who We Are


Every aspect of what we do is shaped around our desire to spread the love of Christ to others.

We are a community of believers who live by faith, are known by love, and project a voice of hope to everyone. We believe that ministry isn’t just a location—it’s the family of God in action. We believe that when we show God’s love to those in need, we have done it until Him.

So, what does that mean, exactly?

Well, we’re a 501(c)3 (nonprofit) Christian-based organization focused on the most essential needs of hunger, thirst, clothing, shelter, care, and visitation. Oh yeah – and we’re also a thriving and growing church.

We love what we do and our functions and programs are designed from the ground up to provide for both the physical and spiritual needs of our community.

Keep reading – we think you’ll love it too!

Our Mission

Exemplify God’s love by meeting people’s six essential human needs.

Our Vision

A day when everyone can say “I have everything I need”.

Our Founding Philosophy

Never let the politics of church interfere with the purpose of ministry.

Organized in 1997 by Bishop V. C. Alexander and his late wife, Pastor Gail R. Alexander, Ministries of Christ began with one purpose: to demonstrate the love of Christ. For years, Bishop Alexander and his wife had served in churches and on non-profit boards to help spread God’s love. 

Time after time, they witnessed firsthand how the presence of God’s love transformed simple acts of kindness into life changing events. They vowed, with each encounter, to never let the politics of church interfere with the purpose of God’s ministry.

Our Values

Love unconditionally.

Serve faithfully.

Give generously.