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Community Bible Study

Every week, we dig into God’s word and share Biblical truths for everyday life.

Ages 15 and older

Varies; please see current schedule.

6:00 PM – 6:45 PM Eastern time.

Foundations of Christian Leadership 1

Want to lead for Christ? Join us for this four week foundational class on what it means to lead for Christ. We’ll study four core Biblical principles every Christian leader should know and how we can apply them to our lives when leading others inside and outside the Body of Christ.

Ages 15 and older

Session 1: Your Why
Session 2: God’s What
Session 3: A Leader’s Mantra
Session 4: Leader Habits

Offered as needed; See schedule.

Minister’s Training

Has God called you to preach, teach, or evangelize the gospel? This class will prepare you to sit for a license as a Ministries of Christ minister.

Age 15+; Must be active member of Ministries of Christ church for at least 6 months.

Session 1: The Minister’s Mindset
Session 2: The Nature of Ministry
Session 3: The Samuel Case Study
Session 4: The Deborah Case Study
Session 5: The Esther Case Study
Session 6: The Paul Case Study
Session 7: The Timothy Case Study

offered as needed; see schedule.