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It is Impossible to Understand God’s Ways

Oh, how great are God’s riches and wisdom and knowledge! How impossible it is for us to understand his decisions and his ways!

Romans 11:33 (NLT)

Today's Thought

Have you ever sat, pondered, and been awed by all that God has done when creating the universe, the planets, the stars, the moon, the birds, the animals, and man? How everything and everybody are supposed to works together to ensure the survival of life? How man is made up of cells which make up the various organs, muscles, veins, etc. and how they all work together to also ensure the survival of man’s life? No, we may not be able to understand the vastness of God’s wisdom and knowledge, but we are privileged to experience his decision making. One of the greatest decisions God ever made concerning us was when He decided to sacrifice a part of Himself, (His Son) to ensure the survival of our spiritual lives. We may not be able to understand all of God’s ways, but we are thankful that His Son is “The Way.”

Today's Faith Affirmation

I will praise and thank God every day because he included my life in His decision making.


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