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Bless Your Enemies

Bless those who persecute you [who cause you harm or hardship]; bless and do not curse [them].

Romans 12:14 (AMP)

Today's Thought

Like Jesus, when persecution comes, we are to bless those that cause us harm. Like Jesus we must be prayed up, turn the other cheek, and say, “Father forgive them, because they don’t know what they are doing.” You see when other’s persecute us, they do not realize that we are children of God and God’s says that He will repay those that wrongly persecute us.

Jesus tells us that great will be our reward in Heaven if we follow in His footsteps of overcoming evil (persecution) with good (blessing our enemy). So, the next time when we are persecuted, we should rejoice and be glad knowing that when bless our enemies, God is pleased and we will be gloried by God just like Jesus.

Today's Faith Affirmation

I will pray everyday asking God to keep me Christ-like when facing persecutions.


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