Our Beliefs

These beliefs are central to our mission and indisputable for our family of Believers.

As a Christian ministry, our work is guided by God's divine word. In order to more fully communicate the nature and purpose of Ministries of Christ, its founding Bishop and Board of Elders has seen fit to document the unquestionable beliefs of this ministry for future members of the Board of Elders, under the direction of God alone and in accordance with the ministry's bylaws, to build upon but never detract from.

I. The Nature of God

We believe:

  1. there is only one true God.
  2. God is spirit.
  3. God is alive.
  4. God is represented in three equal parts – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  5. God is the creator of all things. God is omnipotent.
  6. God is omnipresent.
  7. God is infallible.
  8. God is love.
  9. God is the only one who can decide our eternal resting place.

I. The Nature of Man

We believe:

  1. God created mankind, male and female.
  2. mankind was created in God's image, thus making them perfect and giving mankind a level of power and freedom not possessed by animals.
  3. mankind has free will to acknowledge or deny God for who He is.
  4. mankind sinned, causing God to punish mankind.
  5. mankind's sin required God the Son to come down from heaven, live as mankind under the name Jesus Christ, and sacrifice His life so mankind could be saved from eternal death.
  6. in order for mankind to be saved from eternal death, he/she must believe in his/her heart and confess with his/her mouth that Jesus Christ is the one true Savior of mankind.
  7. mankind exists in two parts – body and spirit.
  8. mankind's body will die a physical death.
  9. mankind's spirit will persist eternally either in life (with God) or in death (in hell).
  10. true death is eternal separation from God.
  11. upon physical death, mankind's spirit is immediately freed from the restraints of time and exists in its final resting place – heaven or hell.

I. The Nature of the Holy Spirit

We believe:

  1. The Holy Bible is a collection of writings inspired by God and written by mankind.
  2. The Holy Bible exists to teach us the nature of God and mankind's relationship to Him.
  3. The Holy Bible's scriptures must be interpreted under the direction of the Holy Spirit.
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