National Day of Prayer Service 2018

April 2018

Ministries of Christ, is holding a public prayer service May 3 at noon in honor of National Day of Prayer 2018.


LOUISVILLE, KY. Honoring a national tradition that has existed for more than sixty years, Ministries of Christ will be hosting a public prayer service on May 3 from noon until 12:30 pm to recognize the United States National Day of Prayer. Participants will be able to write their prayer requests on paper supplied by the organization and then place them at the altar for an ordained elder to pray over. They also will have the opportunity to request a personalized prayer from an elder or ordained minister.

New President, Elder Victoria Carney, says the service is "a great way for the community to connect with us and us with the community. Prayer is one of the many tools we use to promote healing and well-being." 

The service will be held at the organization's campus location: 1701 W Jefferson Street, Louisville, KY. All are welcome to attend including deacons, ministers and elders from other Christian churches who can help pray over the prayer requests.

For more information, visit or call MOC at 502-509-3046.



Ministries of Christ (also known as MOC Family) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Christian organization founded in 1997 to meet the needs of people who may be hungry, thirsty, without clothing, homeless, sick, or imprisoned. The organization currently operates its programming at its 1701 W Jefferson Street location in Louisville, KY. More information about the ministry is available at

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