Free Lunch in Louisville’s Russell Neighborhood

March 2018

Ministries of Christ, a local non-profit, offers free lunch last Saturday of every month at facility on corner of 17th and Jefferson from noon to 1 PM Eastern.


LOUISVILLE, KY. Individuals and families in the Russell and surrounding neighborhoods now have another resource for getting a wholesome meal at a time when they need it most. Ministries of Christ (MOC) is now offering a free lunch the last Saturday of every month from noon to 1 PM at its 1701 W Jefferson Street location.

The free lunch is operated by MOC’s Love Canteen ministry and will feature different meals each month. The lunch is intended to help residents who may be on government assistance and exhausted their food benefits by the end of the month.

Retired chef and MOC volunteer, Ronnie Rich, sees the free lunch as more than a meal. Rich commented: “At MOC, we want the love of God to pierce the heart. This program is not just about feeding people physically. We serve every meal with love so we’re feeding them spiritually too.”

Every last Saturday of the month, MOC will open its facility doors at 11:45 AM so that people can enter its Fellowship Hall for feeding. The hall seats up to 50 people at tables but the ministry is prepared to serve in other areas of the facility if needed.

For more information, visit or call MOC at 502-509-3046.



Ministries of Christ (also known as MOC Family) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Christian organization founded in 1997 to meet the needs of people who may be hungry, thirsty, without clothing, homeless, sick, or imprisoned. The organization currently operates its programming at its 1701 W Jefferson Street location in Louisville, KY. More information about the ministry is available at

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