Women Gather to Celebrate MOC's Heart2Heart Ministry

MOC's Women's Heart-2-Heart weekend (November 25-26) was a very heartfelt, heart warming and inspirational event. The weekend kicked-off with a luncheon on Saturday afternoon were women of all ages were able to fellowship with one another as well as receive a small token from the ministry for their participation. Following the luncheon was a program which included an inspirational poem, song and message presented by Minister Vicki Briggs from the Galilee Baptist Church, Louisville, KY. Her strong message to the women came from the Book of Nehemiah chapter 4. Her message to women;  when you are doing the work of the Lord you will be confronted by adversaries who will try and stop you. But you are never alone in the work. God has others working as well, building His kingdom.  At times you may have to work alone and at other times you have have to unite under a collective effort in the building of God's Kingdom. Her main point, never give up. 

On Sunday, the weekend closed out with a dynamic message from Lady Stoner from Grace Temple Church, Louisville, KY. Her message was derived from the Book of Proverbs chapter 31, the virtuous woman. It was a reminder and a guide to women of their roles to God, family and self. Women play and important role in the nurturing and upbringing of godly women and men, serving as as strong support for her husband and also aiding in the work of the community. 

Ministries of Christ Women's Heart-2-Heart Weekend gave hope and strength to the women that attended.  We would like to thank the director of this ministry, Sis. Quita Williams for her time and effort in orchestrating this special weekend for women as well as her time and effort over these past several months into helping women come together to share experiences which help them better understand their role as a women of God, a wife, a parent and an individual.




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