MOC Completes Phase 1 of New Growth, Purchases Facility

For the past ten years, Ministries of Christ has been renting space from Grace Temple Church to conduct some of the operations of the ministry such as the Sunday morning services for its "Praise & Worship Division" (New Life Church), its "Warm a Child Program", and its "Shawn Mosley Youth Summer Connection Program". Some of the ministry's other programs had to held at other locations, scaled down, put on hold, or partnered out as we prayerfully asked God what direction he wanted us to take towards acquiring a facility of our own. 

Then earlier in 2017, Grace Temple Church presented the ministry with an opportunity to acquire their facility. Being led by the Holy Spirit and under the direction of the overseer of the ministry, Bishop V. C. Alexander, we went into fundraising mode in the month of June. God moved quickly.  Within a couple of months we raised enough monies to cover the costs of purchasing Grace Temple's facility. On October 27th, the ministry acquired its new facility located at 1701 W. Jefferson Street, in Louisville, KY.

We want ti thank Grace Temple Church and Apostle Isham Cordery for sacrificing and giving us a place to hold our services for the past ten years and considering us first when it came to purchasing their facility. We also want to all those who participated in our fundraising efforts either through their generous gifts or their sacrificial prayers. Finally we give all glory, thanks and praise to God because he did just what he said he would do. Bishop Alexander told us that God had revealed to him that we would acquire a facility of our own in 2017.

"To God Be The Glory!


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