21 Days of Fasting in 2021

21 Days

Are you prepared to receive God's blessings for you in the new year?
Don't start 2021 with the same issues you had in 2020.
Start fresh with a renewed mind and heart to follow God!

Join us as we engage in a 21-day fast for focus. In 2021, we want to get closer to God, go deeper in our relationship and discover new blessings He has in store for us if we will get out of His way and let Him work.

Getting Started



Ask God to show you one thing you need to fast from doing for 21 days so that you can spend more time focusing on Him. You may have many things you can give up, but ask God to show you one thing that will allow you to get closer to Him.


Once you know what that one thing is, commit to doing it. It helps to write your commitment down in a place where you can always see it. Write it on a refrigerator or put it as the screensaver on your phone. Make it visible to you so you don't forget.

Make Room

Every day during the fast, you need to make room for a focused prayer about your fast. We suggest carving out 15 minutes each morning when your first wake up to read a scripture and pray.

Countdown Until Fast Begins

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